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Troy "Trombone Shorty" Andrews1
"This was a dream come true. I feel like I'm at home and I don't get that feeling that often. I'm not ready to leave ... I just want to play more music."

Chubby Carrier
"DME bring us together. We live on this boat together. We a family and that's what I like about it. New Orleans music is gonna continue, we ain't gonna let it die."




Charles Neville
"That was really a great experience for me, I enjoyed it. I wanted to come ... I had a great time, the food was really good, I want to come back next year"




Charmaine Neville
"I've gained a lot musically from being on this trip ... every musician I met has been phenomenal. I'm very pleased and very happy and I hope she asks us to come again."






Ann Rabson9
"I feel like I can go back to what I am doing refreshed and reinvigorated with the other musicians that I have been playing with here and that I have been hearing. I've been getting great food, great rest and wonderful people. The people who are really going to benefit from this, from my point of view, are the gigs that I do after this ... its like going to the gas station and getting filled up I am no longer on 'E', I am on 'F'. Amanda and her family care about music, musicians, artists its important to have people like that."






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